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Roundtable Member

ALCOA encompasses the beliefs that no one member takes precedence over others and that all points of view are respected. These principles enrich and solidify ALCOA's accomplishments and build on the synergies between organizational mandates, interests and programs.

The Roundtable Members oversee the strategic direction of ALCOA.


To be eligible as a Roundtable member, the following criteria must be met:

  • Be national or provincial/territorial body with not-for-profit status and be incorporated or have a charter or other form of official recognition.
  • Obtain approval and support to apply for membership in ALCOA by the board or governing body of your organization.
  • Commit to dissemination of the active living message within your own organization.
  • Maintain the highest ethical standards in all aspects of organization, management and financial matters.
  • Be headquartered in Canada.

Membership composition

The Roundtable will consist of national, provincial / territorial organizations with an interest in furthering active living for older adults. ALCOA members will comprise of the following groups:

  • Seniors' organizations
  • Fitness and sports organizations
  • Health related organizations
  • Other relevant organizations
  • One Corresponding member representative
  • Two Older Adult Advisory representative
  • One Research Advisory representative
Attempts will be made to represent the geographical and ethno-cultural diversity of Canada.


  • Each Roundtable member will have one vote.
  • ALCOA may annually subsidize the official ALCOA representative to the Annual General Meeting (AGM) from each organization contingent upon funding.
  • ALCOA will promote the member organization(s) in ALCOA publications, promotional materials, and other possible initiatives.
  • ALCOA will provide referral information/service to member organizations where appropriate.
  • ALCOA will list members in a Resource Directory.
  • The Roundtable will receive regular ALCOA updates.
  • The Roundtable will elect Guardians for a one/two/three year term.
  • Roundtable members are eligible for election as ALCOA Guardians.


The Roundtable member will:

  • Commit to helping ALCOA advance active living for older Canadians.
  • Commit to a one/two year term as an ALCOA member.
  • Appoint a senior staff, designated Board member or appropriate Chairperson as the official ALCOA representative.
  • Support the designated delegates attendance at the AGM.
  • Attend all ALCOA meetings, except in exceptional circumstances at such time they shall contact the national office.
  • Give prompt responses to ALCOA fax-backs or other requests for input.
  • Assume the annual cost of membership.
  • Promote ALCOA resources and publications etc. where possible.
  • The Roundtable members will participate on ALCOA Ad Hoc committees and task force where possible and appropriate.
  • The Roundtable will provide ALCOA with information about their organization and services and with updates (e.g., address and telephone number changes).


Fees for Roundtable members are: $250/year except the Older Adult Advisory and the Research Advisory on the Roundtable.

ALCOA Roundtable Member Application

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