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ALCOA Sponsorship Guidelines

The Mission of ALCOA.

ALCOA, a partnership of organizations and individuals having interest in the field of aging, encourages older Canadians to maintain and enhance their well-being and independence through a lifestyle that embraces daily physical activities.

ALCOA is governed by a small group of Guardians who are responsible for the policy and program decisions of the organization. Much of its work is directed by Roundtable members. A small professional staff located in the Greater Toronto area carries out many of the activities.

ALCOA accepts sponsorship from governments, individuals, labour and the private sector to support its work. All forms of support are gratefully acknowledged and publicly honoured in information packages, newsletters, public announcements, media releases and other materials as appropriate.

In the interest of maintaining unrestricted control of any funds and assistance received to carry out our mandate, the following guidelines have been developed to help sponsors understand the nature of the partnership arrangements with ALCOA.

ALCOA encourages mutually beneficial joint ventures between and among its members.

Note: From time to time, ALCOA participates in partnerships or sponsorship agreements on behalf of alliances, coalitions and organizations to which it belongs. In such instances, there may be some deviation from the guidelines set forth in this document.

1. Policies

1.1. All forms of donation, co-investment or sponsorship must directly or indirectly relate to the stated goals of ALCOA.

1.2. ALCOA reserves the right to refuse or approve any sponsorship or co-investment arrangements.

1.3. ALCOA reserves the right to terminate any sponsorship agreement if activities of the sponsor become inconsistent with the objectives of the mandate or mission of ALCOA, or if the sponsor deviates from the specific terms of the agreement.

1.4. Sponsors cannot expect to influence ALCOA policies or positions. These are the responsibility of the Roundtable and Guardians.

2. Products

2.1. A sponsor or donor shall not directly or indirectly state or imply in any promotional material, written or broadcast, that its products or services are endorsed by ALCOA, unless such endorsement is given in writing and approved by ALCOA.

2.2. A sponsor or co-investor shall not sell for profit any product or materials created by ALCOA which are available, free of charge, for public distribution.

3. Exclusivity

3.1. Certain components of ALCOA projects may be suitable for a single sponsor, and ALCOA may, at its discretion, offer such components to individual sponsors or donors. However, it shall always be understood that in instances where projects have single sponsors such sponsors shall not have controlling interests, nor shall they be seen to exert undue influence on the project.

3.2 In situations where ALCOA has exclusive sponsorship arrangements for a given project ALCOA shall not seek other funding partners without prior consultation with the sponsor.

4. Materials

4.1. A corporate sponsor who undertakes to produce or print material incorporating ALCOA messages agrees to maintain close liaison with ALCOA and to allow ALCOA final approval of all text and graphics. ALCOA messages incorporated in print material by the corporate sponsor will include a credit to ALCOA in a manner approved by ALCOA.

4.2. ALCOA agrees to review the content and presentation of sponsor-generated material in a timely manner and to provide approval or direction in writing.

4.3. ALCOA agrees to provide sponsors with information material, logo cuts and text and graphics as needed to maintain the continuity of ALCOA's public image.

4.4. Sponsors agree that their corporate logos and identities will be used discreetly and in a way suitable to the nature of the project. Trademarks of ALCOA shall be used only with the permission of ALCOA.

4.5. Unless special permission is granted, all material produced on behalf of ALCOA for public distribution must be made available in both official languages (English and French). Specific language versions may also be produced (e.g. Chinese).

4.6. ALCOA shall negotiate appropriate acknowledgment and credit for Project sponsors.

5. Communications

5.1 Both parties shall jointly agree on spokespersons and define the limits of their role for that particular agreement.

5.2 ALCOA shall not knowingly enter into sponsor agreements which will compromise existing sponsorship agreements made by Roundtable members.

5.3 If potential sponsorship agreements for ALCOA are judged not appropriate for ALCOA but possible for a member(s) of ALCOA then ALCOA will notify the appropriate members.

5.4 Similarly, ALCOA member(s) shall advise ALCOA of potential sponsorship agreements as they are identified.

6. Contractual Arrangements

6.1. A written agreement between ALCOA and the sponsor shall be drawn up specifying the duties and obligations of each party. Agreements binding ALCOA shall be signed by one or more signing officers of ALCOA.

6.2. Sponsors and donors agree that they are subject to all laws of the land not specified in this agreement. Should a sponsor or donor become the subject of a legal dispute, ALCOA reserves the right to terminate sponsorship arrangements.

6.3. The agreement shall include an indemnity clause protecting ALCOA and any of its member and contributing organizations from prosecution resulting from a sponsorship agreement.

6.4. ALCOA agrees to provide, in a timely manner, a full accounting of revenues and disbursements related to the funded project. Such reports are normally part of the organization's annual financial audit.

6.5. Every sponsor agreement shall have a start and finish date stipulated.

Accepted by the ALCOA Guardians on 1998 January 26

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